Welcome to the Decentralized Future! The world, which started to move to the blockchain with Bitcoin in 2009, today extends from cryptocurrencies to smart contracts, from open source protocols to decentralized applications and organizations. We also comment on the developments, innovations and industry news that take us to this decentralized future for you on a weekly basis. Be sure to listen to our first episode, Block #0 – Genesis Block Section, to better understand our goals and content!

What Are We Talking About

We’re talking about everything from soft forks to hard forks, from new distributed ledger technologies to corporate uses of blockchain, from NFTs to all public records that can be written to the blockchain, from decentralized finance applications we know as DeFi to decentralized organizations known as DAOs.

What We Don't Talk

We don’t try to find the next Bitcoin, we don’t name a coin that will make 100x for sure, we don’t use pump and dump helms. We do not make price predictions for any coin. In short, we are not talking about anything that could be financial forecasting or investment advice.

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